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  • OMG! Recognizing names from years ago

    I really doubt some of you will remember me, but I was pretty active on a daily basis back around 2014 on a forum called Turker Nation. Trying to get back into turking, and ran across this forum from a video on YouTube. Saw some of the member names and immediately recognized Bear, librarian50 and Dazcat from back in those days.

    As I familiarize myself with mTurk again, I'll try to actually add some value with my postings and not just ask a bunch of lame questions. Some stuff is coming back in my brain, other topics are still foggy. Spent most of yesterday playing around with some scripts/HITs and actually made $2.50 LOL. Was surprised that a couple old requesters are still around, and did a few HITs for them. Lots new to learn, but thanks to our rather crappy economy, my normal job/work has been pretty much 'belly up' since last September.

    Hoping to say Hi and catch up with old familiar faces and, of course, make new friends along the way.

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    Welcome FeistyLady ! Ask all the questions you need. Mturk has changed a bit since 2014. What scripts have you got going so far? Check out the Tools tab if you want to see which scripts are kind of "must haves" for mturk these days.


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      ZeldaFoot Thanks for the welcome! I turned off Classic PandaCrazy in Chrome Tampermonkey and installed Panda Crazy Max. Also updated HIT Forker to latest version. Same with Turkopticon. I also installed MT Suite, but to be honest haven't really used it/played around with it.

      I watched several of the OTTO videos and went through some other 'new turker' type stuff on a couple of the different forums out there, so am getting a better handle on what people are running.

      Amazon still has all my old stats/quals active, so not starting out at ground zero. Spent some time yesterday hunting down some tests/quals for some requesters I was not familiar with.

      Naturally I'm trying to check on requester reputations as I know not to jump in with both feet in that regard. My stats are very decent, and I want to keep them that way incase things change in the future and mTurk revives to what it was.

      There are a couple requesters I used to do all the time and it's nice to see they are still around (cheap but not a PITA to do their HITs). Miss a couple who no longer appear to be around (they were great for fast batches).

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    Hello and welcome @fiestylady. I don't remember interacting with you but your avatar seems so familiar.

    Don't worry about asking dumb questions, you'll be back in the swing of things in time.

    Qualifications are pretty key still, a good resource is

    Hope to see you soon on the DHT!


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      smartin Your name looks familiar to me, so we probably interacted at some point. I can't remember if I ever used a photo avatar back then (maybe a unicorn) but the beagle pic is of a sweet little girl I adopted about a year ago (so would not have been around at that time).

      I will definitely check out the turkerview link you provided and thank you so much for the info.

      I did make a post today in the DHT thread.